Jun 3, 2014

2nd Camping Trip and an Update

We did it again. The weekend after our first camping trip we headed off again. Our tent and trailer on the left and my friend's tent is on the right. We have wonderful friends. They have a gorgeous property right along a river about 2 hours north of us in Michigan. They invited everyone up for our 2nd Memorial Day camping event. Last year went so nice we were very happy to go again. Jeremiah decided to stay home with Grandma instead. He was missing his Xbox too much haha. It was a very relaxing fantastic time. Saturday we even went on a wonderful kayak trip. It was Fred's first time in a kayak and he really enjoyed it a lot.

The only bad thing about the weekend is our truck acted up again. We've been trying so hard to squeeze more time out of our truck. It's a 98 and really starting to show it's age. Our friends really helped us out (yet again) we tried to fix it but realized it was the transmission and not just a quick easy repair. So our friends kept our trailer and we limped home. We made it but couldn't shift into overdrive the whole way. $1,800 later it's fixed. Ouch. But again hopefully this means we'll make it a little longer with no vehicle payments. We've been busy with catching up on outdoor yard work. It's looking good. Just a few more spots to take care of. We have another camping trip coming up June 20th weekend. Life is good just really really busy.

I did actually stitch finally. I hadn't picked up a needle since April 6th I think. Way too long!!! I put a few stitches in the Pirate Ship. Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary so I worked on 99 in honor of my hubby. So finally X's are being made at least too. I hope everyone is doing well and is having a great summer.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Katie and Fred.



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