May 9, 2014

Day 23

Today was HOT. We woke up and went to eat breakfast at a place we really liked. Jeremiah got Oreo Pancakes again. Yuck haha. There was a little pond outside in the shopping area and we spotted a little alligator...
Definitely not something you find in Indiana haha. He was so cute. Probably a foot long little thing. We still thought it was pretty cool to see one in the wild. They are normally around the area more but right now they are moved to the fresh water rivers for breeding they said. So you have to look a little harder. After breakfast we did some shopping. We were going to go shelling but it was so hot we decided not to. Jeremiah sweat through his shirt even. It was about 88. The humidity was high too though so that didn't help. So instead we came back to the condo and packed up some things. We decided to go and have a nice set down dinner...
Yum crab legs!!!! They were delicious! We hadn't really had them yet so we figured we better get them while we can.

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