May 10, 2014

Day 24

Today started our trip home. It was torture cause we had to go back by Disney. We sure wanted to stop haha. It was a very nice uneventful trip....well almost. I have some ointment kind of stuff to put on my sunburn. This morning I put it on and everything was okay. We carried stuff out and got all loaded up. Right before Orlando probably 2 hours into the trip evidently the ointment wore off. My sunburn caught on fire. I was squirming around in my seat. Mom pulled over and into a parking lot. I looked around. When you are in pain you'll do anything haha. So off comes the shirt. Besides my bra is kind of like a sports bra. Most bikinis cover much much less.  Ahh I felt much better.
 I think maybe we drove through some bugs. What do you think? It sounded like it was raining a few times but it was just bugs hitting the van.
So we arrived safely. We are ocean front for our last time this trip. Somehow I have to pry mom away tomorrow but at least she can wake up and see it one last time for Mother's Day.

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