Aug 1, 2014

Number 5 Done

Number 5 is done too now. I just love this little one. Hedgehogs are just so cute! The next one is an adorable camel but of course my ink just ran out so she will have to wait until a trip to the store is made.

My camping trip was a blast. Hubby and me snuck over Tuesday night. It was hot during setup but we kept hearing there were going to be some storms and then the weather would be perfect. We got everything setup and quickly fell asleep. 2:30am I got woke up by rumbling thunder in the distance. The lightning show was simply gorgeous. The rain then decided to dump on us so I quickly woke up hubby. He was running around outside in just his pj shorts trying to keep our roof from holding water. One time he got a nice cold shower when it all dumped right down his chest. After that the weather was just perfect. We did end up getting some sprinkles of rain here and there but nothing to ruin our time at all. I had a blast getting to know some new people and getting closer with several others. It was a wonderful time indeed.

It's that time of year again. I've been seeing a lot of friends post pictures of their kids going back to school. I am so very thankful that Jeremiah doesn't have to go to public school. It just didn't work for him. We looked at the calendar and picked August 12th for our start day. We are both really excited to start again. We just love his books and they make learning so much fun. I think even he is getting bored with Xbox everyday haha. My mind is already whirling with fun ideas for this year. Well I'm off to look through my WIP box and see what needs to be stitched.


  1. I just love the freebies from Brooke, I am collecting them to stitch when the snow id flying I hope not to soon for snow ick.
    I know many children who want to get back to learning.
    Good luck to your son.


  2. How cute is that hedgehog :) i love brookes designs! x

  3. Congrats on the adorable finish Katie. He is really cute as is the camel.


  4. What a cute little hedgehog! Congrats on another finish! Looking forward to seeing more! Hugs!


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