Aug 3, 2014

Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was nice and relaxing. Well sort of. Saturday morning we tackled some weeds. We made quick work on it though and was ready to relax the rest of the day. I pulled out my Dog Wisdom kit. I haven't worked on it since April so it was time to get some daylight. I got a lot done! I was up by the bone and the Learn New Tricks part. I love it when the needles just seem to take off and fly.

Saturday in the middle of the night I went to roll over and move my leg and my leg decided to get a major cramp. So I woke from my peaceful dreams screaming bloody murder. My poor dog came running to see what was wrong and my hubby said What What?! I was able to get out My leg My leg. He grabbed it and straightened it out and oh it hurt but I needed it. The knot will be there for a few days. I keep joking about guessing I need permission to move my legs next time. Then this afternoon I was walking back from the bathroom and ran the same leg into Jeremiah's reading table. OUCH! It turned pretty colors right away and just keeps getting prettier as the day goes by. I swear I'm doomed. I told hubby I just need a padded room but I think I would find a way to hurt myself in there.

Oh well at least I got a lot of stitching done haha. We also got a lot of TV watched. Is anyone watching the new series called The Strain on FX? Oh I just love it. There are just way too many good shows on nowadays.


  1. Dog Wisdom looks good. It applies to humans too. Cute piece.

  2. You might try taking magnesium before bedtime... helps with leg cramps. I took Country Life Chelated Magnesium 250 mg. for a while and it stopped them right quick! Plus drink lots of water! Hugs!

  3. I heard salt was good to prevent cramp? Horrible feeling. I had it a lot when I was pregnant. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Wonderful progress Katie. I really like this design.


  5. That is such a cute stitch!

    Leg cramps don't sound like much fun. :(

  6. Ouch! I have only had cramp a couple of times in my life and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Proper cramp is agony!

    Dog Wisdom is looking brilliant! I love this design :)


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