Oct 7, 2014

Early WIPocalypse and Turtle Trot

Tomorrow is WIPocalypse and the 10th is Turtle Trot. Since I'm following this little sea turtle and heading to the ocean I figure I would post early.

It's been a busy not a lot of stitching kind of month I guess. I didn't realize how much I hadn't been stitching till I added it all up. Here is the breakdown.

Ghool School - 1 Day
Pirate Ship - 3 Days
Dog Wisdom - 2 Days
99 Bottles - 2 Days
HAED Grow Together - 1 Day
None - 16 Days

I'm trying to get everything organized and packed for my trip so no stitching pictures this update. We leave tomorrow morning. If you want to travel along with me check my blog updates. I will be posting about my adventures. I love looking back and seeing what all we did on our vacations. The reason for this vacation is the PALs Stitching Retreat at Myrtle Beach, SC. We extended the time so we can enjoy the ocean and eating seafood haha. Then we are heading up to Outer Banks, NC. My mom has been there several times but I have not so I'm really looking forward to seeing the area.


  1. Have a fun trip Katie. I enjoy reading about your adventures.


  2. Wow! This is a fun trip. I have heard about quilting cruises but this is first time I have come to know about stitching trip. Enjoy your time :)

  3. Have a wonderful trip, Katie! Sounds like a lot of fun!


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