Oct 25, 2014

Vacation Day 18

This morning Jeremiah and me stayed in the room. His ear is still really bothering him unfortunately. So Mom and Betty went down to Hatteras area again to get some delicious chocolates and some pastries. Today was Betty's birthday so it was a great way to celebrate. This afternoon we went to Dirty Dick's. I have been to the one in Myrtle Beach and just LOVED the crab legs. We didn't get time to go this year while there. When we got here to Outer Banks it was neat to find out there was one in Nag's Head by our hotel. So today we went there to eat. It was DELICIOUS!! I ate way too much crab but it's all you can eat so of course you have to right?! LOL

When we got back to the hotel I put more medicine in Jeremiah's ear. A little bit after the medicine I noticed a large ball of icky in his ear canal so I figured I would try to get it and out it came. No wonder his ear was hurting. We icked and yucked over it awhile and was able to throw it into the trash instead of keeping it inside his ear any longer. Hopefully with that all out it will really be able to heal now. We hooked my laptop up to the main TV in the living room and watching some TV shows we all like. That was fun. 2 more shows deleted off my DVR at home. Poor thing is about ready to blow up without me being there to watch stuff haha.

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