Oct 26, 2014

Vacation Day 19

Today we went to Jockey's Ridge State Park. They have huge sand dunes and they hang glide off them. We were hoping to see them but it's all sand and no way to get Jeremiah there. But we did get a beautiful overlook of the Dunes and a trip to the very well done nature center. I told Jeremiah since it's Sunday he shouldn't have to learn anything but he said he accidentally did haha. This hang glider was setup and we just had to pose for a picture. Only hang gliding we will be doing any time soon. When we were driving down the road he were able to see some of the hang gliders from the road so that was neat.

Since Jeremiah is finally feeling better we were able to go out on the beach. We found some nice shells and had a blast but boy that's a lot of work walking through the sand. If I lived here and did that everyday I bet I would be healthier haha. After getting all exhausted and worn out we went down to a BBQ and it was so delicious. Now we are back at the hotel. Tonight there is a WWE pay per view event and we can watch it online since we have the WWE Network. So we will watch it and Skype with Fred at home. It's a way of watching it together even so many states apart.


  1. Sounds like a fun day. I agree... walking on sand is work, lol.

  2. That's great !! Nice to see you both enjoying your time :)

  3. Walking on a beach is one of my MOST favorite things to do!! Love the sand, the water, the clouds or the sun shining on the water, the birds of course, AND the sound of the waves coming in and going back out! We passed up going to Jockey's Ridge too... no one felt like taking their lives into their hands! Ha!


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