Apr 8, 2015

Vacation Day 10

Today was another travel day. We had a little over 3 hours to go today. We arrived early afternoon. We got checked in and then went off to find food. We are a half hour from Cocoa Beach so we thought we would go there and do some shopping and eat. We found it but it was really really busy and looked really worn down. There wasn't any place we felt like we really wanted to get out. There were bars on the windows and that type of stuff. So we pretty much drove a big circle and came back and ate beside our hotel haha. Oh well on the way there I saw several dolphins swimming along the road in a waterway connected to the ocean. So it was worth it haha. Tomorrow we are going to the Kennedy Space Center so no pictures to show today but I'll make up for it tomorrow. Also if we aren't friends on Facebook you should add me. I post a lot more photos on there than on here. My info is in the right hand bar. Thanks for traveling along with us.


  1. Ooh how exciting! Enjoy your day at the Space Center. Can't wait to see your photos!

  2. Oh my KSC!!! I'm sooo jealous!!!

  3. Glad you had another safe journey, and with dolphins alongside you - wow! Had to laugh that you ended back at your hotel to eat though!! :)


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