Apr 7, 2015

Vacation Day 9

Today was our last day here at Jekyll Island. We wandered over to a really really nice hotel here on the island. I would hate to know how much it is to stay there. When we just walked up the valet parking guy RAN to get the elevator for us. They had brought someone their car and was toweling the dew off the car. But breakfast was really yummy. They had this little cafe with muffins and that type of stuff. On our way out we saw a family playing croquet. They were wearing all white and they were taking the game SO SERIOUS I just had to laugh. Jeremiah said definitely not our type of place.

Next place on our to do list was the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. I just LOVE places like this. It was little but so neat to see them caring for so many different turtles. They had a lot of interactive exhibits that Jeremiah really enjoyed a lot. Since we've been to so many of these type of places he's pretty smart on their care. So one exhibit was a computer and you could treat 3 different sea turtles and diagnosis them and pick what their treatment would be. Jeremiah got all 3 correct. I was really proud of him and he was really proud of himself. He said evidently he's been listening haha.
Then we saw Mahi. She/he (she's so young they don't know yet if she's male or female) stole my heart. You can tell in this picture she is missing one of her front flippers. She was found with fishing line tied tightly around her flipper and they were unable to save the flipper. She's doing great though and they hope to be able to release her. They know of a turtle who lives off the coast of Florida that's missing both front flippers even. They go out and help her build her nest but other than that she gets by fine. The center has an adoption program where you can sponsor a turtle. I knew I would just have to sign up for Mahi. I'm really looking forward to the updates. Of course Jeremiah is too. After our great time at the Sea Turtle Center we found another trolley tour to take...

This one would tell us the history of Jekyll Island. It was fun but wow this island has a very rich history. We got to tour two different cottages one belonged to the Rockefeller's. It was very nice of course. We really had a great time. (This is my mom and Jeremiah on the trolley in the picture.) We also found a few shops. We got a beautiful little canvas painting of the live oak trees we love so much.

Since we hit the road again tomorrow we got everything we could loaded up today. We had a really delicious dinner at another restaurant here. It was a great last day. Now on to the next stop on our trip.


  1. Another great day! Jekyll Island sounds a bit like when I visited Newport, RI. Safe travels tomorrow!

  2. What an interesting update! Well done Jeremiah on caring for those poorly turtles. Lucky Mahi now she has people to care for her. Safe trip tomorrow.

  3. Jeremiah is so smart and a very good listener to boot!

  4. Ooh I'd love to join you for this visit at the sea turtle centre!!

  5. More learning? The turtle centre looks amazing and to have adopted a turtle makes for a memorable and lasting souvenir. What a good idea. :)


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