Jun 2, 2015

June WIPocalypse

It's WIPocalypse time. The people who join in post on the full moon what we've been working on since the last full moon. So what's up??? Here's what I've been working on since the last check on May 4th.

HAED Dragon Moon - 2 Days
Tribal Fire Helmet - 6 Days and Finished
MH Kits - 1 Day and Finished 2 Kits
HAED Selkie - 5 Days
Think Big - 2 Days and Finished
Inner Tube - 2 Days
None Stitching Days - 11

Not too bad. 3 finishes! I'm happy with that. I haven't had a lot of posts this month so the photos are actually spread down the page. I won't bore anyone with new photos of the same thing. We also get a fun prompt to answer each month. This month she asked...

 Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?

I would say winter. I get so busy during the warmer months with traveling, camping, and yard work tasks. I try to stitch as often as I can though.  I did a lot better this check in than the last check in. Since we were on vacation last time I had 20 none stitching days. See ya in a month on July 2nd to see what I've been up till then.

Jeremiah update: Yesterday I think he finally made a turn for the better. We had a little scare. I was treating the wound and noticed a few black areas. The doc told us we would have to really watch for new dead tissue cause it would spread quickly. It is very common to have to do another surgery to remove some more skin because they like to take just enough not too much. So I called the doc and they got him right in. But thankfully it was just a scar building up. Now for the very funny part. In the evening before bed we are to put SUGAR on the wound. This is an age old treatment. It doesn't hurt and during the night it works the wound and helps the scars break off. Never would have guessed that. After the appointment we were so relieved. He finally got his appetite back and was able to move around a lot more. He even played Xbox for the first time in 2 weeks!! So I'm one happy mom. The wound is healing nicely. Every now and then it still hits us how serious this was and how scary but we made it. I told him no more health issues for the rest of the year at least.


  1. I hope not! Black areas would be scary but I'm glad it's just healing.

  2. I'm glad Jeremiah is getting back to normal and healing. The sugar will only make him sweeter.

  3. Phew, so good that he's doing better and even feeling better now. How bizarre about the sugar.

  4. So glad to hear that Jeremiah is on the mend. Awesome news Katie.


  5. Congrats for your WIP update, you stitched a lot. Nice to hear good news about family health. xxx

  6. If he's back on the Xbox then no worries, he's fine :)

  7. Glad to hear that he is fine now :) I never knew about the healing power of sugar .

  8. Yippee that Jeremiah is improving! I didn't know we could tell them no more health issues! Not from my son, but my husband has had so many appointments, and still has three more scheduled!! Accck! Considering your travels of late, ANY stitching you got done was good!

  9. Great progress this month! And, I am SO glad to hear Jeremiah is feeling better. It is so hard to see our kids sick - especially when it is so serious. Hugs.

  10. I have never heard of putting sugar on a wound! I am sure it will make him even sweeter hahaha.

    What's a "non stitching" day? Can't remember last time I had one of those!

  11. Glad to hear Jeremiah is doing better and started playing his xbox. Take care of yourself too. Hugs.

    1. Thank you very much. I have been Thank you!

  12. He must have been ill if he's been off his X-box! Glad to hear he's healing well. What a worry for you all.


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