Jun 9, 2016

Vacation Day # 6

Today was another great day. We had a delicious breakfast at Jolly Roger. Then we went back down to Hatteras. There is a really neat museum there called Graveyard of the Atlantic. It has a lot of information and exhibits on the many shipwrecks along the coast here. I got Fred to pose for the above photo haha. Doesn't he look perfect actually? We had a really good time looking around. Then we thought we would geocache our way back. We ended up with having a fantastic day full of geocaching. We got 14 new ones today. Making our total for vacation 27 already. Here are a few of my fav photos...

We really enjoyed each geocache. The UFO house had one by the landing gear. The red chair had one under the seat. Each one is hidden so people are aren't looking don't find it. But we have a fantastic time hunting them down. Sometimes they lead you to neat things you wouldn't find any other way. Here is my fav for the day...
This was called the Cora Tree. Here is the spooky info about it...

The Cora Tree was immortalized in Charles Harry Whedbee’s classic book Blackbeard’s Cup and Stories of the Outer Banks, which claims the twisted old tree is cursed by a witch.
The legend says that Cora was an old woman who lived alone with only her baby in a shack near the tree in the 1700s. Whenever she would go to town, bad things would happen, and she was eventually accused of being a witch and set to be burned along with her child at the base of the great tree.
Just as the fire was about to be lit, Cora’s baby reportedly turned into a giant cat with green eyes and a red mouth, and it fled into the nearby woods. Lightening then struck the tree, but when the smoke cleared, Cora was gone. All that remained were the letters C O R A burned into the tree trunk, which are said to be still visible today.

No luck finding the C O R A but I did find the geocache in the tree.

We got pizza and brought it back to the room. We have planned to spend tomorrow grabbing more geocaches since we had so much fun today.


  1. LOVE those kind of stories! Whenever I travel I always try to find historical sites. You're doing wonderfully with your geocaching.

  2. Those are my favorite kinds of stories! The pirate pic reminds me of the legend of Zelda wind waker game lol. The game guy. If you look it up it's pretty bizarre and funny. Great post!

  3. Yay, Fred looks great as a pirate!! :)
    More fun with the geocaching!

  4. What a fun day, and glad you found so many good ones!

  5. Hahaha, such a great picture of your pirate man. And great to know that you had so much fun geo-caching away.

  6. We visited that museum too, though I like to read everything and held the group up.But it was enjoyable, just the same... Looks like you had a great time!

  7. Great photos! Would love to lounge in that big chair and stitch all day, with an umbrella of course, haha. and I wouldn't dare look for CORA.

  8. Pretty cool legend about the tree. Love museums!


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