Jun 8, 2016

Vacation Day # 5

This morning we started the day off right.....souvenir shopping. Mom and I had found this discount shop our first time in the area. Instead of $25 for a t-shirt we can get them here for $8.99 - $14.99. They last a long time too since I still wear the first ones I bought several years ago. So we bought several each. Plus had to get some to take home to Mom and Jeremiah of course.

Today we headed north on the Outerbanks. I wanted to show Fred Currituck Lighthouse...
It's made out of a million bricks! It's a beautiful lighthouse indeed. We had a really nice time walking around the area. Then we found a nice wildlife center like a visitors center...
I can't believe I didn't know this was here. I will definitely be bringing Jeremiah back in October when we visit the area. We got to watch this very neat 20 minute video about the history of the area. Jeremiah just loves those type of things so I know we have to come back. Then we walked to get 2 more geocaches. Now we have got 12 total on our vacation. It's been so much fun!!
This one was a magnetic key holder on this bench. Fun hide.
We also stopped at the Wright Brother's Memorial. Fred enjoyed it so I'm glad we got it marked off our to do list. We had a DELICIOUS seafood buffet and now are miserable for the rest of the night haha. So I call it another successful day.


  1. Those Geocaches really sound like fun ... and the sun is out, perfect!!

  2. Another great day, excellent! Glad you're both having a great time together.

  3. It's fun to find new, interesting places, isn't it? Sounds like the geocaching is going very well.

  4. Geo-caching is a lot of fun, isn't it? You never know where it leads you and what you find and you even discover new-to-you places. Great day!

  5. I enjoyed the Wright Memorial last year with our friends. Lots to re-learn! I may look into geocaching... loved letterboxing. Hugs!


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