Jul 31, 2019

#24HoursOfCrossStitch July Challenges

I finished the July challenges yesterday!!! I loved doing these! I have printed out August and can't wait to see how they go. So let's go over the July challenges again.

First up the acrostic (my favorite part by far!!)
We had to plug in something for each letter in TEAM 24 HOUR. You could be creative to make it work. Whatever you had to do. So here is how that worked out...

✅ T - Salt Water Taffy by Joan Elliott
Goal at least 4 hours.
Connection: The T in the title
Here it was before...
Actual Time Added: 7 Hours 45 Minutes
  ✅ E - July from Lizzie Kate Flip-Its Stamps 
Goal probably 8 hours to finish.
Connection: In the summer you Eat watermelon and there is one in the project
Actual Time Added: 12 Hours and 2 Minutes
 ✅ A - Adjust Your Sails 
Goal at least 4 hours.
Connection: The A in the title
Here it was before...
Actual Time Added: 4 Hours 6 Minutes
✅ M - July from Sand, Sea, and Cross Stitch Book 
Goal probably 8 hours to finish.
Connection: Monthly design I'm stitching all year
Actual Time Added: 7 Hours 50 Minutes
✅ 2 - 99 Bottles from Ink Circles
Goal maybe 4 hours definitely more than 24 minutes.
Connection: Going to add 2 more bottles.
Actual Time Added: 2 Hours 41 Minutes
✅ 4 - 4 Seasons Winter by Erica Michaels
Goal probably 4 hours.
Connection: 4 in the title
Actual Time Added: 2 Hours 36 Minutes 
(Ran out of time this month for more still more than minimum amount though so I'm happy.)
✅ H - Halloween Mini - Vampire Face by Artecy
Goal probably 4 hours could finish.
Connection: H in the title
Finished Actual Time Added: 3 Hours 8 Minutes
✅ O - Wish Upon a Starfish by Designs by Lisa
Goal at least 4 hours.
Connection: Starfish is an Ocean dwelling creature.
Actual Time Added: 4 Hours
✅ U - Under the Sea SAL by Lakeside Needlecraft
Goal at least 4 hours.
Connection: U in the title. So glad to have the push to get this one back out finally!
Actual Time Added: 4 Hours 11 Minutes
✅ R - Flip Flops kit from Mill Hill
Goal probably 8 hours to finish.
Connection: The flips flops are Red and white. 
Actual Time Added: 4 Hours 34 Minutes
I've definitely learned I have a hard time calculating how much time it might take me to finish a piece. I finally am remembering to hit my stop watch like it's a normal part of my stitching routine. I'm really happy with everything I accomplished! I had a feeling the challenges would be good for me and boy they were.

Next up was the Holiday Calendar...
In order to call this one complete you must stitch on 12 of the different holidays mentioned for the minimum of 24 minutes or 120 stitches. I think this one was a little more difficult but I noticed several people including our lovely Jo really enjoyed it. I personally enjoyed the acrostic more. But I did complete the 12 so I could call this challenge finished.

2nd -- World UFO Day -- I finally got Under the Sea SAL out of hiding and made progress on it.

3rd -- Stay Out of the Sun Day -- Halloween Mini Vampire Face definitely qualifies for this one.

4th -- 4th of July -- Free to Be Me worked for this one since it's patriotic.

10th -- Don't Step on a Bee Day -- I think the Mill Hill Flip Flops piece works for this one since it's shoes and that makes it so you don't step on a bee bare foot.

12th -- Simplicity Day -- I divided my July Lizzie Kate into 4 hours sections. 1 for this one. The Lizzie Kate pattern was simple to work on. Big nice blocks of color.

15th -- National Give Something Away Day -- Adjust Your Sails works for this one since mom is going to steal it.....Oh I mean I will give it to her when it's finished.

22nd -- National Hammock Day -- I used another section of the 4 hours on my Lizzie Kate stamp. I think you could lay in the hammock while eating watermelon. Don't you?

23rd -- Hot Enough for Ya Day -- Wish Upon a Starfish. I stitched this one while there were heat warnings outside. We even had an extreme heat warning this month.

24th -- International Self Care Day -- The last 4 hour section of my Lizzie Kate Stamp. I definitely do stitching for self care so stitching this one for myself definitely counts.

25th -- Thread the Needle Day -- Guess you could really use any of the projects for this one. I used Salt Water Taffy though.

28th -- Parents Day -- Mom's Nautical July piece since it's for my mom.

30th -- International Day of Friendship -- 99 Bottles When surrounded by our friends we like to drink beer.

So there is my 12 filled in.

Last challenge is to stitch 24 hours throughout the entire month. I hit a total of 53 hours and 54 minutes.

So that made all my July challenges complete!!!

I think August challenges deserve their own post. Stay tuned.


Rachel said...

Absolutely brilliant! I found myself reading the post but not looking at any of the progress pictures so had to go back and read it all again!
Well done for completing everything and making all the connections. You had a great month of stitching, especially considering you didn't stitch every day. Can't wait to see what you've got planned for August! :)

Cathy said...

Your turbo needle is still working! I love seeing how you make your stitching match the challenges, especially when you have to reach a little. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for August!

White Rose said...

Hi Katie wow you are amazing ,I love your beautiful work,well done my friend xx

Faith... said...

Awesome job Katie! You did a great job making the connections and getting everything stitched.

Astrids dragon said...

Yay for the 30th - drinking beer with friends, come on over! And your bottles are brewing nicely.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Fabulous work. I love how you fitted in all the different themes for the projects. Not much use of the shoe horn here!