Jun 1, 2020

Monday Update

Guess what no stitching since my last post. Yep still stress but I will survive. No other choice.

We had a lovely weekend at our cabin. Here is a baby Robin update...
 They are getting their feathers and sure growing big. I bet they will be moving on soon. They were sure fun to watch grow up.

We had another large project to do over the weekend. We built a new deck area connected to my Grandparent's cabin. She had a trailer that sat beside their cabin but it had a very steep ramp to get up onto it. So we all thought it would be better to make her a new area to use for storage and cooking goodies. Plus another covered spot to sit if it's a rainy day. Look at what the guys put together...
Just perfect! It was a lovely weekend. Nice and cool. Now it's getting hot again. No news on our home repair. Waiting on the company to get the parts they need.

I am finding myself having a hard time concentrating again. What a crazy year we've been having. This virus craziness. Now the riots and so much sadness in the world. Our city has been having a lot of riots but luckily we are safe where our home is located. Just sad to watch. I'm trying not to pay attention but I guess I am one way or another. I picked up my May fairy once last week and put just a very very few stitches then sit it down again. I really hope I can focus soon. I miss my stitching. Just can't focus. I tried to read blogs. Just too many words and they don't make sense. It will pass. I know. I just need to breath.

Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay healthy. Thanks for stopping by.


Clare-Aimetu said...

The baby birds are so cute. That's a great area for sitting, it's good to use the outdoors even in the rain. Your stitching will be picked up soon, daily life is very different just now and we need to feel relaxed to stitch ... don't rush it x

Rachel said...

So sorry that you are feeling this way at the moment; your year so far has definitely been an emotional rollercoaster.
Look after yourself and try to focus on the positive things. Stitching will be there when you're ready and blog friends are always here when needed. :)

Julie said...

Lots of hard work by the family, what a great area that's going to be to enjoy spending time on.
Take care Katie {{hugs}}

Faith... said...

I did not know that your Grandma had a cabin there too! How cool, the whole family can get together. Will the decks meet each other to look like one big deck? I was ust thinking that would be cool for Jeremiah and his chair. Oh thank you for the robin update. They are getting big and I imagine they will be flying off soon.

I do hope you start feeling better soon. It has been a crazy year and man people are having trouble concentrating. I hope being at the cabin and enjoying the outdoors will help reduce your stress and and anxiety. Sending you lots of hugs Katie.

Annie said...

Sending you lots of love and hope that you can find the energy and focus to pick up your stitching soon. Crafting sure helps when the world goes crazy... Hope you and your family stay safe in these troubled times <3

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The robins are wonderful, it's so nice to be able to see the babies grow up.
I am glad that you have your cabin. It's important to be able to get some peace at this terrible time. At least you have an election this year, we are stuck with ours for far too long!

Astrids dragon said...

Wow, they have grown since the last time.
Nice addition, how great that you're able to do it on your own.
I'm sorry it's been so rough for you, try and take things one day at a time and focus on the good, it's out there.
Sending hugs your way.