Apr 5, 2021

Monday Update

 So disappointing....no stitching all week last week. Easter prep was in full force. Wednesday we did the gathering of goodies. Thursday we were doing the making of goodies. Izzy my dog jumped up from a nap and started breathing very heavily then had a series of strokes. It was her 13th birthday as well. So call to the vet. Emergency vet trip. What a roller coaster of emotions. Thankfully they let Fred (hubby) be in there with me as the bad news kept coming. She had a bad infection multiple places...nose...bum...ears. So they did blood work. The blood work showed the infection but then showed she was very anemic so Xrays ordered to find out where and if emergency surgery overnight was required. Fred was brought in. Xrays came back showing new problems. Her liver and heart are very swollen. Not the blood though like we thought but an ultrasound would show official diagnosis on her spleen if it was a slow bleed or not. Very expensive. Spleen's can be removed and they do okay with the surgery but 2/3 of the time it's cancer and a 6 month life span. But very costly again. Plus remember the swollen liver and heart. So all that for not probably. So I asked her what she would do. Treat the symptoms and see. I'm not an idiot I know dogs aren't around forever even though trust me I want her to be. We lost our other dog when he turned 12. So they did an IV and we were given some meds and we came home. She is doing better today. She is tired but doing a lot better being alert and happy. We are loving her dearly as we always have. Maybe a little more attention than normal which I'm sure she loves every second of.

Friday we all loaded up and went down to our cabin. Yep Izzy included. She loves our cabin.

It was a wonderful Easter with chosen family and friends. Perfect. Dad loved our official opening weekend. Sunday morning Jeremiah got to joking about hurrying back down to the cabin. So some planning and we are heading back down Wednesday night. I will take my stitching with me this time too. Please let me find time to actually work on it.


Faith... said...

So sorry to hear about Izzy. It is hard to make decisions about their health but you just have to follow your heart. Enjoy the cabin this week!

Annie said...

I'm sooo sorry to hear about your dog and best friend <3 <3. It is truly awful when they get sick. I really hope you will get some more precious time with her <3. Every day is sooo precious as they age.
My furbabies are 9 and 12 and I absolutely DREAD losing them; I hardly survived losing my dearest Tyson 2 years ago...

Take care<3

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sorry to hear about your dog, hopefully you can keep her comfortable and happy for a while longer.
The Easter weekend spread looks great! Gathering, baking, don't forget eating it all!

Carol said...

Oh, I do hope Izzy is doing better now, Katie--that whole experience sounds very scary. So glad you enjoyed your family time at Easter and good luck with fitting some stitching in this week :)

diamondc said...

Katie: So sorry about Izzy, so happy to hear Izzy is doing better.
I love your Easter photo, I like the big Easter Eggs.
Nice looking spread on the table.
Super cute photos of the adorable bunnies.


Meari said...

Poor Izzy :( How is she doing? Love your Easter photo. Great memories!