May 14, 2021

Yep....I'm alive

 I feel like you've all heard this way too much from me lately. I'm alive. Let's see. I think one of my worst faults is making time for all the things that are important to me. So when I started the being healthy journey I think I let myself believe I had to do it 24 hours a day. Yeah I heard self care and I knew it was important. I would promise myself to use my stitching for the self care. Yep supposed to have x amount of time a day. Then in my evenings I was so tired that I couldn't focus at all. I'd just sit there. I would push myself for weeks and then desperately put in a few stitches and be tired. 99 isn't finished. I'm slowly SLOWLY making progress. I think I have 6 more bottles's at home so I can't remember. I even quit updating my photos. Just didn't have time. Blog updating was not important. Reading I missed you guys. So some time last week I went through and caught up on some of you and had to purge the rest. 

Refocus is happening. Instead of walking/exercising myself to death I'm changing my eating habits. Otherwise I was just gaining my weight I had loss back and that was making me really pissed and wanting to give up. So smarter eating. Plus.....MORE SELF CARE. I'm doing pretty good.....for this second haha. 

Finally got a start on April....yep I'm behind. I love working on this series. It goes quickly and fun to work on. We've been enjoying a lot of cabin time. I'm here now. Yesterday was my 42nd birthday. We watched movies and I stitched. Lovely day. 

So I hope I'll be back....I will sure do my best to be the person I know I can be. I will figure out this time management thing.....somehow. I will stop apologizing though. I'm me. Love me or not I'm me.  I'm the crazy Katie you guys must have come to expect when you stop by my blog. Haha.

Smile. Love yourself. Love each other. Take time for whatever you need to take time for. I will.


Annie said...

Good to hear from you <3! Keep up the good work on your health journey. And congrats on your birthday! It's always the balance of things, isn't it? I've started to go for longer walks with the furbabies; then I know that we've all had our exercise and I can sit and stitch with a good conscience. And if I can't afford enought fruit and veg I know I've had my exercise at least. Have a lovely weekend!

Carol said...

So nice to see your update, Katie! I just heard on the news yesterday that losing weight is 80% eating well and 20% exercise so I think you have the right idea. I exercise for stress control (along with my stitching) and it really does help. Keep up the great work! Your April start is looking so cute! Enjoy your weekend ♥

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Ah, the meaning of life Birthday! Hopefully you will discover the meaning is Balance - moderation in all things.
I try to divide my day up into segments with stitching happening in the afternoon (and bath time!) and blog reading in the evening. It seems to give me time for all the important things in life LOL
Hope you had a lovely Birthday too.

Faith... said...

Happy Birthday Katie! So glad to see you blogging so we can catch up with you and all your happenings. It is hard finding the "right balance" to your life and I am very happy that you recognized you were burning yourself out. Don't let the whole world rest on your shoulders along with all the things you think you should do. If something doesn't get done; well that is what tomorrows are made for!

April looks fantastic and I am so excited to hear that you are close to finishing 99 Bottles!! Please remember to practice your closing words and let them be your birthday gift to yourself!