Nov 30, 2023

December Challenges

Tomorrow starts some fun challenges. Here are the big two events I'm in...

Here is the instructions (I picked the Easy level because of everything else going on too)...

Your WIPs have magically turned into naughty elves that keep running away. They're not ready to give up their summer tans and help Santa just yet. It's up to you to wrangle them up and save Christmas and your WIPs!
For this game, grab as many as 20 of your current WIPs and/or new starts. Number them 1 to 20 in your original event post. If you have less than 20, add previously used ones onto the end of your list until you get to 20.
If you are a monogamous stitcher or prefer not to count your stitches, scroll to the bottom for alternative rules.
In addition to a big piles of WIPs, (naughty elves), you will also need a 6-sided die and a 20-sided polyhedral die. An app works if you don’t have actual dice. You do not need to post pics of your rolls. The honor system will work just fine.
There are 3 levels you can choose to play. This is, after all, Semi Sane! These levels will come into play when you roll your 6-sided die:
Easy = the number value x100 and halved (4 gets rolled, 4 x 100 = 400, halved is 200)
Medium = the number value x100
Difficult = the number value x100 doubled (4 x 100 = 400 x 2 = 800)
*The total identifies the number of stitches.
When the game begins, you’ll roll your 20-sided die to see which elf you’ll be returning to Santa first. Once you know what number you’re saving, you’ll roll your 6-sided die to determine the number of stitches it takes to wrangle your elf! You have no time limit to capture your elf, but you’ll want to try to return all 20 to Santa's toy workshop for entries into the drawing! (Easy = 5 entries, Medium = 10, Hard = 20)
SCROOGE: May darken our doorway of this event to stir up more trouble. If he does, I’ll pin his post to the top of the event page. Complete the task assigned and you will receive a special gift. Failure to complete the task may result in Scrooge freeing one of your elves!
What happens if the same elf gets rolled again? You roll your 6-sided die and do half of whatever you’d normally be doing. For example, if you’re doing easy and roll 4, as seen in the above example, the normal stitch count you’d do is 200. You’d do 100 to gently nudge that elf and remind him you still have an eye on him into the workshop for good. If this same number gets rolled a third time, check for a weighted die and roll again until you get a different elf. If it continues to come up, that elf is likely very naughty and just needs to sit in the WIP bin and think about what it has done!
What happens if you finish your WIP? That elf is busy in the toy workshop, then, isn't he? *wink* However, if you start the event with 20 WIPs extremely close to completion, you will not be eligible for entries.
Here is my list for the challenge...
Here is the other fun one an Advent Stitch the Prompts...

Welcome to the Stitch the Prompts version of our Advent Calendar 2023!
Here, you will work on stitching for daily Christmas-related prompts.
Please create a post, and comment with start and end picture for every day (start picture is required, even if it is the ending pic for the previous day. If you are working on a new start, start pic is blank fabric, and floss or pattern cover on top of fabric).
Each day, from Dec. 1st to 25th, there will be a Christmas-related prompt. Do 100 stitches on a project you can tie to that prompt.
No project to match that day's prompt? You can do 300 stitches on any project, instead.
- Every day, at cut-off time, an admin will upload an Advent motif for those that met stitch requirement for that day. You can go to the "Advent Calendar 2023 - Stitch the Prompts" album on the main group, and grab yours.
- During the hours following cut-off time, an admin will "love" (heart) posts that qualify to get that day's motif, and "like" (thumbs up) posts for days you have caught up with.
You get:
- 1 Advent calendar motif for each day you start and finish stitching on a prompt on its corresponding day.
- 1 entry per every 5 prompts you complete (even if you played catch-up for some days) - 5 possible entries
- 1 entry if you finish stitching for all prompts by Dec. 25, and you played catch-up for some days; or - 2 entries if you stitched on all prompts on their corresponding day.
Total possible entries: 7
- There is no double-dipping of stitches between versions. If you are also playing another version of the event, you must use a different project for each one.
- Cut-off time will be at 6 p.m. EST. every day. Event will start at 6 p.m. EST on Nov. 30, until 6 p.m. EST of Dec. 25.
There are some other little ones but this is the largest two that I will be focusing on. I'm telling myself breath too. I have a lot of other fun stuff to do like Christmas shopping and life haha. But these will be fun if I don't get obsessed haha. 
So excited I just had to share!!! Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.

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Rachel said...

Challenges like this always sound more complicated when written down than they actually are in practice. Good luck to you, and hope you enjoy the ride!