Dec 4, 2023

Dec 4th Monday Update

Home from a nice weekend away visiting friends and having fun. So posting this late in the day but wanted to get my post up before I fall asleep. First let's see what I worked on last week.

Monday I took the day off and worked on taking down the fall decorations and putting out the Christmas stuff. LOVE it. 

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on Autumn Time from New York Dreamer. I laughed when I looked at when I worked on it last. Exactly one year ago. So evidently November 28th is pull out Autumn Time day haha. I added 551 stitches...

Thursday I pulled out Country Life and had time for 195 stitches on the bottom row...

Friday was the 1st so time to start the December challenges I posted about in an earlier post. I was so happy to start. First up I rolled dice for the WIP Wrangler challenge. Got 16 on the 20 sided dice which meant I needed to work on All American by Primrose Cottage Stitches. I then rolled a 2 which I multiply by 100 and then divide by 2. So needed 100 stitches. After that I worked on Season 2 for the Stitch the Advent Prompts because it was Merry and I'm very merry this is my last Season 2 and I've stuck with them all year. I added 468 stitches before the next prompt was released at 6pm my time. The 2nd prompt was Red. Which was funny because on the All American piece I had a Red word Red where I was stitching. So back to that for 100 more stitches...

  Start Picture above.


Added 101.

Start progress for Season 2 by Hands on Design December.
Added 468.
Back to All American for 102 for the Prompt Red.
We left Saturday morning. We did a lot of Christmas shopping. Including not one but two trips to my favorite stitching store House of Stitches. Decided to stop back today on the way home to pick up a few things I decided I needed after thinking more at the hotel haha. But Santa has that stuff now so I'll have to wait to share it later. We got things done we needed done Spike nails trimmed and haircuts for us. We visited with friends. We got to stop at 2 casinos. We just had a blast. So many laughs. So much fun. It was a lovely way to enjoy the journey of December and celebrating the joy of Christmas instead of just waiting for one day to enjoy it. Our focus this year. Enjoying Christmas as a family. Boy we did. We made it home this afternoon and got everything unpacked then decided to go get our Christmas tree and groceries instead of putting it off to another day. We decided on a 3ft little fake tree this year. We love it!!!
Fred also put up some outdoor lights. Now we are all ready. A few more gifts to gather. We are hoping for a shopping weekend next weekend. Right now just extra thankful. Hopefully I can rest up and STITCH now after a few days off. I miss it. Plus I need to catch up on prompts and rolls.


Rachel said...

Yay to Jeremiah putting the star on the tree! As lovely as all your stash and stitchy progress pictures are, this is DEFINITELY my favourite photo of the year, thank you!
You made a good start on your December challenges...hope you can keep up the momentum.

Solstitches said...

It sounds as though you had a wonderful family trip.
Some good stitching progress. I laughed when you said you last worked on one of the pieces one year ago. Time has a habit of just flying past doesn’t it?
Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

Faith... said...

You are doing great on your prompts! Seems like they are falling right in place for you.

I think family trips are just what is needed to relax and get closer as a family. Visiting friends at the same time is an extra added bonus! Did you have to stop at two casinos so you can win some money so you can give it to the House of Stitches? LOL Can't wait to see what Santa has in his bag for you!