Dec 8, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 8

Thursday, December 8, 2011
What was your favorite thing you received below the age of 10?

This is so hard to think back that long ago. It wasn't at Christmas time but I got a swing set when I was younger than 10. I remember thinking it was the world's most awesome gift of course. I loved playing outdoors and knew I would play on it for hours and hours. We moved into a trailer park when I was in first grade. The park got hit by a tornado and I remember begging and pleading that we take my swing set with us when we were leaving. I was so worried it would be torn apart. I lined my stuffed animals up and told them to protect the house and my swing set.

The tornado went up and down and literally hit a row of trailer missed a row hit another row etc. It totally missed our house and my swing set. It was even sitting up still. A house a few rows away got it's roof totally taken off and flipped over by the tornado. Of course I think my stuffed animals helped Don't you?

It's 14 Days 22 Hours till we leave for my Dad's to start our Christmas Craziness. I looked at the calendar today and thought WOW there is SO MUCH to do before then. I still have the last minute shopping to do and then I have to WRAP everything. One nice thing about being spoiled is there is so much to unwrap Christmas morning BUT....that means the job of wrapping takes FOREVER. Hope we can all get everything done we need to get done. How behind are you?

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  1. Yes! I think the stuffed animals helped :)


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