Mar 8, 2012

March WIPocalypse Update

My last WIPocalypse update was very full of finishes. This one isn't but still I got a lot of stitching done.

So let's go down the list on my WIPocalypse tab...

I finished the first page and started the 2nd page. 20 days progress. The first page had 7,840 stitches. So far I have 1,040 stitches from the 2nd page done.

I have this one kitted up now. I'm going to start it for the March IHSW coming up.

I have another biscornu top started but just didn't finish it yet. I went through a period of no stitching mojo for a few days this month.

  • House SAL in ESC (Karen's Designs One Each Month) 
I finished the February house after the last WIPocalypse update. I need to start the March one.

This piece is what broke my bad mojo and made me happy to stitch again. Those bright colors and I love the sparkly fabric. This is how far I have gotten on that project so far.

  • Spring by The Cricket Collection
I started this piece for the February IHSW. Here is my progress so far on this project.

I started this one February 8th. I got a lot done when I've been working on it. This is the progress so far.

So as you can tell I've been jumping around a lot working on several different things. I love jumping from project to project. I just work on whatever screams loudest. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your updates too.


  1. WOW that's a lot of stitching. Are you working on any PALS projects? Or are you like me and waiting for the spirit to move me. Darlene

  2. Lots of projects...that's my kind of stitcher. Good luck with that first one - what a challenge.


  3. You got so much done, Katie.

    I really like Another Day in Paradise! :)

  4. hello

    lots of lovely projects and stitching there!

  5. Great progress on all your pieces. I am stitching on Happy Holidays and Another Day in Paradies.


  6. Oh, such great progress on everything! I love your Happy Holidays with the sparkly fabric! Spring looks really cute. I am looking forward to seeing your Quirky Quistmas Tree too! Great job!

  7. Great progress Katie!

  8. You worked on a lot of projects this month! And a lot of progress on each. Congrats!

  9. Great progress on all your projects. I can sure see why Happy Holidays would get you out of a slump - it is really cute!

  10. What a group of fun stitchy projects. Great work!

  11. Awesome progress, Katie!!

  12. Great work, i did the Spring from the Cricket Collection last year and loved stitching on it.
    So i hope to see more soon.

    Hugs Yvon.

  13. Nice progress on all of them., Katie. :D

  14. Love your selection of stitching especially the deck chairs one It is what I would like to do all day.. sit in a deck chair and stitch!!



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