Feb 29, 2024

Goals: Feb Recap and March Goals

 First let's see February acrostics...

Goal all met except one. I way over estimated the stitching in the biscornu. I added 1,874 stitches and not near a finish. So with working on everything else I could not finish it in February. No worries to my WIP tote it goes.

Mixed Up Monthly -- This month's pick is Mermaid Biscornu from Tiny Modernist Nope
Trilogy Seasons -- Maybe I'll finish this one by March 1st Finished!
Mill Hill - 2x a Month on any choice Goal Met
Beer Dragon - 500 a Month Goal Met
28,800 Stitches Total 11,226 of 28,800 Keeping a running total on right hand side. Monday it was 8,644 so far this month so total of 19,870 just these two months haha. I really had no idea how much I get done especially these lazy months.

Wordle - Guess Every 500 - Just started playing this and I'm horrible at it haha. But I'll try.
Finished up 3 puzzles. Took me 5 guesses every time no more wordle for me haha.
This or That - Pink or Hearts Any Progress on Rainbow Dragon. 211 Added
Love Songs - Pick a favorite song and stitch the same number as length of song.
Stitched through 10 songs. Fun but won't join next month.
Potions - Need 500 for Halloween SAL (group closing end of March) Goal Met
Beer Dragon - Need 500 for Dragon SAL (another from the above group)  Goal Met
So March acrostics. Magazine Monthly did an option of Super Challenge. Of course I joined in haha.
Battleship -- Stitch 1,000 stitches as a group of 10 to post a Hit. Just like the battleship game as a kid.
Spring Start to Finish -- Spring Line Up. Start on March 19th. Finish by June 1st for drawing.
This or That -- Green or Crosses -- Using Grow Together HAED. Any Progress.
24 in 24 -- Stitch 2,400 throughout month
Spooky 4 in 24 Potions -- Need 500 for Halloween SAL (group closing end of March)
Year of the Dragon -- Beer Dragon - Need 500 for Dragon SAL (another from the above group) 

I have my list printed and ready to go. I again loved February. It's funny I feel no stress just fun motivation to work on my pieces. I mean what can be bad about that goal. March has some fun stuff. A stitching retreat. An Easter trip to meet wrestlers that we did last year and enjoyed so much we made it a tradition. Fred's birthday on the 5th. I'm excited to enjoy the month. Hope it's great for you too!

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diamondc said...

Hi Katie: It looks like you have had a busy year so far, that is a load of cross stitches' Looks like you have March all planned out.
Happy Birthday t Fred, I hope you have a ball meeting the wrestlers.
Were you able to see the Tiny Brawlers wrestlers when they were on, so much fun to see.